Lift vs Dextro

The most important thing about choosing a glucose supplement or source of fast acting sugar, is finding the product (or range of products) that works best for you. Whether you're looking for increased sports performance, a daily pick-me-up, help with late nights, early mornings or something to help manage blood glucose levels. There are lots of different products available that can help, including sports & fizzy drinks, energy bars, sweets, chocolate and specialist glucose supplements. Your preferred product will largely depend on what you need it for.

The best solution for you may not be a specialised supplement like Lift, Dextro Energy or Lucozade tablets. Many people with diabetes use confectionery such as jelly babies or fruit gums to help manage blood glucose levels when they get low. Others who are more at risk from severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) may have a range of products, kept in different locations such as the car or at work. It's important to safely experiment with different options until you find the type of product that best meets your needs. 

Glucose Supplements

Specialist glucose supplements such as Lift, Dextro Energy and Lucozade (others are available) are all great source of fast acting glucose. All 3 contain glucose (typically found on the ingredients list as 'Dextrose Monohydrate') and are available in chewable tablet format (no need to add to water). Lift is the only product out of the 3 that is sold in tough, water-resistant and resealable packaging. This keeps the tablets fresh. There are some key differences between the products available that are worth being aware of. See below for some of them.

How Lift Compares to Dextro

Lift Fast Acting Glucose Dextro Energy
Chewable Tablets
Glucose per Tablets 3.7g 2.7g
Large Packs
Liquid Format
Tough Packs
Resealable Packs
Water-Resistant Packs

Research conducted by BBI Healthcare in 2020 (roamler survey - data on file) found that of over 100 users of glucose supplements, 55% of people used them as a regular/daily 'pick-me-up'. This included usage occasions such as help cycling to and from work, getting through the afternoon or as part of a daily routine. 23% of those surveyed use glucose for sports performance support. Including a range of activities such as running, cycling and team sports like football and rugby. Whatever you choose make sure you consume as part of a balance diet and healthy lifestyle.

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