​Lift Glucose

Lift isn't just for hyper-serious athletes or gym fanatics. It's for everyone and anyone.

Introducing Lift

Lift can unlock that extra 5%, helping you have a great workout, training session, race or big match.

It contains fast acting Glucose (also known as Dextrose or Dextro), making it ideal for those managing blood sugar/glucose levels.

Dextrose is the bodies preferred source of energy, that means Dextrose tablets are a convenient fast acting source of sugar which can be kept on hand to give glucose levels a boost when you need it most.

No Artificial Stimulants

Contains no caffeine or taurine. Also free from gluten, sodium, preservatives and colouring

Measured Dose & Low Calorie

Chews contain 3.7g of Glucose and only 15 calories per tablet. Juice Shots contain 15g of Glucose and 57 calories per shot.

Fast Acting

Glucose is rapidly absorbed into the body

Tough, resealable & portable packs

Tough, water resistant handy pack size means the tablets stay fresh & it’s perfect for on the go: in your pocket, glove box of the car or your kit bag

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

Dextrose is derived from plants making Lift suitable for people with vegetarian or vegan dietary requirements requirements

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What are Glucose Tablets and Drinks For?

Your body has a constant need for energy - most of our energy comes from food we consume throughout the day. Carbohydrates are especially important in this context, as they are broken down into glucose and distributed amongst the body’s cells. Carbs can be made up from a large range of sugar types – some are better for you than others.

Lift contains your body’s preferred source of sugar – glucose. Unlike fructose and sucrose, glucose doesn’t need to be broken down before entering the blood stream. This gives your body what it needs when it needs it. Helping you reach your personal best or get the most out of your day.

Brain Fuel

Did you know that your brain needs a constant supply of glucose to keep it functioning? Effectively the body’s mission control centre orchestrating our every cognitive move, this energy-hungry organ consumes over 50% of the entire body’s blood glucose reserves. Glucose supplements are a great way to help keep your mind at peak performance.

Sports Performance

During times of heightened physical exertion, the need for blood sugar increases dramatically. Glucose is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream, supplying the muscles with fast hitting energy when you are pushing yourself to the limit.

Long Days

Your body goes through a lot when you have a busy schedule. Lift tablets can help you stay energised throughout the day without needing to snack on sweet treats.

For When Your Body Needs It Most

Lift tablets have been developed to fit in with whatever kind of lifestyle you lead.

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