Ready for Anything

Lift isn't for hyper serious athletes or fanatics. It's not for the protein and creatine taking, calorie counting gym junkies. It's for everyone and anyone. Lift is for anyone who wants a great workout, training session, race or big match. It contains fast acting glucose to help unlock that extra 5%.

Introducing Lift

No Artificial Stimulants

Contains no caffeine or taurine. Also free from gluten, sodium, preservatives and colouring

Measured Dose & Low Calorie

Contains 3.7g of glucose and only 15 calories per tablet

Fast Acting

Glucose is rapidly absorbed into the body

Strong, resealable packs

Tough, resealable and water resistant packaging means Lift is there when you need it

4 Great Flavours

Tangy Orange

Blueberry Burst

Zesty Lemon & Lime

Juicy Raspberry

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For When Your Body Needs It Most

Lift contains your body's preferred source of sugar - glucose. This gives your body what it needs. Helping you reach your personal best or get the most out of your day:

Sports Performance

Long Days

Late Nights

Blood Glucose Management

On the go formats and packaging:

Kit Bag

Kit Bag Essential

Car in the City

In the Car & At Work

Travel & Holidays

Travel & Holidays

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