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Product Information

Lift Juice Shots (previously GLUCOJUICE) contain 15g of glucose to give you that fast-acting boost when your body needs it most. Lift can help you get the most out of training, unlock that extra 5% in a big race or match - or give you enough to get you to the gym! 

Key Benefits

  • Fast Acting impact
  • Tough packaging
  • Measured 15g of glucose in one shot – perfect for Hypos
  • Low calorie 57 calories per bottle
  • Refreshing, great tasting flavours

Each juice shot contains fast acting natural glucose and is caffeine, gluten & fat free.

It is recommended you take 30ml (half the shot) 10-15 minutes prior to any high energy activity e.g. running or gym sessions, that will last 30 mins or longer.

Hypoglycaemia Management

Hypoglycaemia (also spelt hypoglycemia), or a "Hypo" is a medical condition characterised by low blood sugar or low blood glucose. This occurs when the level of glucose, the body's main source of energy we typically get from food and drinks, in your blood drops below normal.

The optimal blood glucose ratio often varies between individuals, however the symptoms of hypoglycaemia occur in many people when blood sugar levels are below 4 mmol/L. As a result of differences in our physiology, this number differs from person to person.

Although hypoglycaemia is caused by a drop in your blood glucose levels, there are several reasons why this may happen. The most common of these is a side effect of insulin or other types of medicines used to treat diabetes. 

The symptoms of hypoglycaemia typically come on quickly and may range from mild to moderate to severe, depending on how low your blood glucose level gets.

Symptoms include:

  • Insatiable hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches & feeling light-headed
  • Pale, cold, or clammy skin
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Feeling weak, sleepy, or tired

How to treat a Hypo

For those managing diabetes, Lift Juice Shots can be used as an immediate treatment for hypoglycemia and to help prevent hypos.

To treat hypoglycaemia, drink one 60ml shot. Each shot contains 15g of glucose - perfect during a hypo. It’s recommended that you take 15g of glucose based carbohydrates and wait 15 minutes before retesting your blood glucose levels. Alternatively Lift Chewable tablets are also available as a great hypo treatment. Each of these tabs contain 3.7g of glucose.

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What is the main ingredient in Lift Juice?

Lift Shot contains a unique measured dose of 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates, mainly in the form of dextrose (glucose).

Have Lift Tabs or Lift Juice been tested on animals?

No, neither Lift Tabs or Lift Juice have ever been tested on animals.

Can Lift Juice be kept once the bottle has been opened?

Our Lift Shots are designed to be taken as a single use ‘shot of 60ml’ fast acting glucose. We therefore cannot recommend storage conditions once opened as we have no data to support the stability or preservation of the product for this use. However, storage and use of the product outside of the labelled recommendations should be risk assessed locally.

Should I test my blood glucose before drinking Lift Juice if I am a diabetic?

If you have diabetes it is always best to check your blood glucose before drinking Lift to confirm that your blood glucose is low and that you need extra carbohydrates.

What is the shelf life on Lift Juice?

A best-before-end date is printed on each individual bottle. Typical shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture.

Is the Lift Juice packaging recyclable?

Lift bottles and lids are recyclable.

Are any of the ingredients genetically modified?

Lift Juice does not contain any GM ingredients

What is the source of the dextrose in Lift Juice?

The source of the dextrose is from corn

How much Potassium is in a bottle of Lift Juice?

There is 3.12mg of Potassium per 60ml bottle

Is the product OK to use if it has been stored above 30°C?

If the product has been stored at this temperature for 1 week there is no detrimental effect on the product. The glucose is stable between 30-40 degrees. There is no microbiological risk to the product if it is stored at a higher temperature. If the product is stored above 30°C for 2-3 months you may notice a slight change in the flavour.

Have the barcodes or PIP codes changed?

No these are exactly the same as they were for GlucoTabs and GlucoJuice

Has GlucoGel also been re-branded to Lift?

No GlucoGel remains unchanged

When to use: Lift contains your body's preferred source of sugar - glucose. This gives your body what it needs. Helping you reach your personal best or get the most out of your day:

Sports Performance

Long Days

Late Nights

Blood Glucose Management

How to use: Use Lift Juice when you need a tasty burst of fast-acting glucose. The 60ml Juice Shot contains 15g of glucose. Drink all 60ml to help increase moderate low blood sugar.

Sports Enthusiasts – recommended to drink half the bottle 10-15 mins prior to participating in high endurance activity lasting for 30 minutes or longer, continue as required every 30 minutes. 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight

Typical values Per 100ml Per 60ml bottle
Energy 397 kJ  238 kJ
  95 kcal  57 kcal
Protein 0g 0g
Carbohydrate  25.4g  15g
of which sugars 20.83 12.5g
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturates 0g 0g
Fibre 0g 0g
Sodium Trace Trace


Water, dextrose monohydrate (25%), citric acid (E330), natural flavouring, preservative Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate.